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Membership Criteria:

Membership Criteria:

Membership Criteria:

  1. LGBTQ adult (over 18 years old) living in one of the five boroughs

  2. Living with a mental health diagnosis

  3. Currently seeing a psychiatrist or therapist

Referral Process:

  • Ask your therapist or psychiatrist to fax us a copy of your most recent psychosocial assessment and/ or psychiatric evaluation.

  • Once we receive this information, we will contact you to set up a time to tour the club, speak with our Director of Member Services, and answer any questions about our activities and services.

  • We'll follow up this meeting with a formal intake appointment. Once completed, you will be a member of Rainbow Heights Club

For questions, to schedule a tour, or to make a referral, contact Randy Killings, Director of Peer Services:

(347) 766-7851

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