We're currently open to members Monday-Friday from 1-5pm.
We provide carfare and a grab & go meal each day.

Daily Schedule:

1 pm-2 pm: Socialization

2 pm-3 pm: Support Group

3:30-4:30: Activity Group

5 pm: Carfare & Grab & Go Meal


2 pm Too Much Group

3:30 pm Gender Explorers Group


2 pm Coping Group

3:30 pm Express Yourself Group


2 pm Solutions Group

3:30 pm "What's On Your Mind?" Group


2 pm Self Acceptance Group

3:30 pm Open Activity Group


2 pm Bingo

3:30 pm Community Meeting


Telephone services are still available to members who are not yet comfortable returning to the Club in person.

Click here to learn more, and to access other COVID-19 resources.

Chris. R..jpg


Chris R.  
“Rainbow Heights helped me learn how to settle disputes. I got the emotional support I needed to succeed. Both staff and other members have been very encouraging. 

Mia D..jpg

Mia D. 

“I found sanctuary as a transgender woman.
I found friends and sisters. Sometimes life gets rough, but Rainbow Heights Club makes me feel safe."

Gayle D..jpg

Gayle D. 

“I have more of a social life and my relationships seemed to have improved since being at Rainbow Heights Club. I feel I am more outgoing because I get motivation from groups and counselors that help me get out of my comfort zone and meet other people to get more support.”

Kendu F.jpg

Kendu F.

“I like eating together in the community room. The meals help me save my food stamp money.  I’ve made friends and enjoy the outings we go on. I have good and bad days but Rainbow Heights makes me feel better. I get to talk about my feelings and that helps a lot. The car fare they give out makes it easy to come here.”



96% say they are more consistent with their mental health treatment  since joining Rainbow Heights Club

We helped 95% of our members stay out of psychiatric hospitalization

87% of our members reported fewer psychiatric symptoms after joining the Club

67% of our members state they are eating healthier than they did before joining the Club

82% feel that they are stronger advocates for mental health issues since joining Rainbow Heights Club


 Your donations are what will enable us to provide a safe haven to LGBT mental health consumers.

2020 Annual Report

For more information about the services we offer and the improved outcomes that they help our members to achieve, please view
our 2020 Annual Report here:


We are no longer providing services at 25 Flatbush Avenue. 

As of March 1st, we are open for on-site services at 25 Elm Place, 6th Floor.