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We are so excited to resume in-person services at the Club!

Rainbow Heights Club is open to members Monday-Friday from 1-5 pm. We provide carfare and a grab and go meal each day.


Daily Schedule:

1 pm-2 pm: Socialization

2 pm-3 pm: Support Group

3:30-4:30: Activity Group

5 pm: Carfare & Grab & Go Meal


2 pm Too Much Group

3:30 pm Gender Explorers Group


2 pm Coping Group

3:30 pm Express Yourself Group


2 pm Solutions Group

3:30 pm "What's On Your Mind?" Group


2 pm Self Acceptance Group

3:30 pm Open Activity Group


2 pm Bingo

3:30 pm Community Meeting


Telephone services will still be available to members who are not yet comfortable returning to the Club in person. Click here to learn more, and to access other COVID-19 resources.

COVID-19 Safety at the Club


The Club is a healthcare setting. This means all staff and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, must:

  • Complete a temperature screening upon entry

  • Properly wear a face mask at all times

  • Maintain social distancing and refrain from physical contact (like shaking hands, kissing, air kissing, hugging, etc.)


We also have new guidelines from the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. Until further notice:

  • Lockers are not available for member use

  • Members are not able to bring any outside food or beverages to the Club

  • Members are not able to volunteer in the kitchen to cook, clean or serve

  • Food provided to members by the Club is grab & go only

Thank you for helping keep the Club a safe place for all who visit. We can't wait to welcome you back!

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