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Free LGBTQ Cultural Competency Trainings for

NYC Behavioral Healthcare Providers


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) people have always made up about 5% of the population, but their needs often haven’t been understood or met.  NYS OMH, NYSOFA, JCAHO, and other agencies now require providers to engage clients in conversations about their sexual orientation and gender identity, record the data in client records, and respond in a supportive and affirming way.  E/Quality Care trainings can help you and your staff learn how to do that.


E/Quality Care trainings create a space for providers to learn both how to initiate conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as simple things to say and do to provide a safer and more welcoming environment for all behavioral health consumers. E/Quality Care trainings are offered with the support of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Health and the NYC Council.

LGBTQ 101: Welcoming LGBTQ People Into Recovery

  • Basic terminology, concepts, issues, and the challenges that LGBTQ people often face

  • The importance of LGBTQ affirming services

  • The difference between sex assigned at birth, gender identity and sexual orientation

  • Simple things providers can say and do to be affirming, and to have open, supportive conversations about sexuality and relationships with all their clients

  • How we can ensure the skills and experience that providers already have can be extended
    to meet the needs of all people

LGBTQ 201: Asking the Questions

  • Building on a quick review of core concepts, providers will learn about how to start and continue conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity

  • Recommended language for use on intake forms and in interviews

  • How to support clients in making choices about coming out

  • Tips for engaging young people and elders, and an overview of specific concerns those age groups may be dealing with

  • This training is intended for audiences who have already received basic LGBTQ cultural competence training

TRANSGENDER 101: Creating a Safe and Affirming Environment

  • Providers will learn concrete ways to affirm, support and work with people who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming, and gain awareness of mental health concerns that disproportionately impact this community due to stigma and marginalization

  • Participants in this training will gain familiarity with concepts and vocabulary related to trans identities and experiences

  • Participants will learn questions that are appropriate and helpful to ask during the intake process

  • Participants will also obtain a clear understanding of the birth certificate gender marker update process as it currently functions both in New York City and statewide

  • This training is intended for audiences who have already received basic LGBTQ cultural competence training

For more information about booking a FREE E/Quality Care training at your facility, contact: 
Parker Jordan, LMSW
Director of Community Engagement


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